We have advanced means and we cover all the treatments that you may need for your oral care.

All our treatments are personalized, before performing any intervention we explain carefully the patient what the procedure consist of and we consider all available options. We work with specialized professionals in all the areas, therefore, we can give the patient the most suitable solution for every moment and ailment.

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Pediatric Dentistry

With the eruption of a child’s first set of teeth, also known as  “temporary teeth”, you should start brushing them and visit the Dental Office .it is also a valuable lesson of good hygiene habits.It is advisable to visit the dentist periodically, because it will create the habit of dental check-ups in the child, which will reduce their anxiety and fear of the unknown. In addition, going to the dentist periodically has the advantage of early detecting any dental problem, enabling simpler and less traumatic solutions

Endodontic treatments

we have the best technology to successfully perform all treatments. Among them we can highlight:

  • Operating microscope
  • Apex electronic locators
  • Radio visuographic
  • Nickel titanium rotary instruments
  • Sonic and ultrasonic systems for irrigation
  • Thermoplastic seals

If you need an endodontic treatment and you want to ensure the success of the intervention, please feel free to contact the professionals that form part of our  team.


ortodoncia metal-balco


We work in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misalignments of teeth and deformities of the jaws.

We seek the proper bite of each patient. We have some deferent treatments to repair your dental malposition, such as: ceramic or sapphire brackets and alignment splints.
A correct alignment promotes muscular and joint balance, prevents the appearance of tooth cavities and fractures, favoring chewing and breathing, preventing snoring.

Dental Surgery, Wisdom tooth,Cysts…

 Oral surgery is the oldest specialty of dentistry. It is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of the teeth, the jaws, and adjacent soft tissues requiring surgical intervention. The most treated pathologies are the treatment of dental cysts and wisdom tooth surgeries. The latter bring with them a large number of associated pathologies such as: periodontal problems with continuous painful infections and trismus, caries in contiguous pieces; often cysts and tumors are generated and could destroy adjacent pieces, bone.

TMJ Pathology – Discharge Splint

The TMJ is the joint which makes it possible to open and close the mouth. It is the joint where the jaw articulates with the temporal bone of the skull allowing chewing, swallowing, speaking…
It is estimated that nearly 50% of the population has some functional alteration of the masticatory system, but they are not aware of it.
Those alterations can be the origin of very diverse discomforts. The most frequent of these discomforts are: pain in the ear, neck, back, jaw; limitation when opening and / or closing the mouth; Noise or clicking in the area of TMJ temporomandibular joints (next to the ear), headaches (usually in the lateral areas).



We are specialists in all types of prostheses; our trajectory in more than 25 years endorses us. From the most modern Zirconium crowns where aesthetics and naturalness are the main attraction, to the traditional full acrylic prostheses of our grandparents, including the implicit Porto sported in all its versatilities.
We consider that the replacement of the chewing and aesthetic function is as important as the repair of dental health. We like to build smiles and make them as natural as possible.


Conservative Dentistry

From the simplest filling, the direct dental veneers of composite or indirect in laboratory, dental diamond … We want for you the best of the smiles you can wear, your happiness and satisfaction is our reward and our best business card.


The Periodontology is the part of dentistry which is related to the care of the gums. Periodontal diseases are the largest cause of tooth loss and affect 3 out of 4 people at some point in their lives.
Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria which affect the gums, causing in the first stage, inflammation, bleeding (gingivitis) and halitosis (bad breath). If left untreated, these microorganisms move to the bone, destroying it, leading to periodontitis (pyorrhea) and, over time, tooth mobility and loss.



We carry out every procedure, from the placement of unitary implant to dental bridges, oral rehabilitation and complex multidisciplinary cases.In our clinics we have both the experience and the most advanced technology in this field. These treatments are carried out by experts in implantology, We use a computer-aided 3D design, which shows the exact position and depth of the implants before the surgery, giving greater precision and surgical safety.
With this information, our laboratory manufactures a surgical template that guides us during the process, thus reducing the risk of bleeding as well as surgical time.

Dental care for the whole family

We want to be a reference for all the needs and care that your mouth and yours needs.


Adults dentistry


Pediatric dentistry and Special pathology patients


Geriatric and medically compromised dentistry

Complete Dentistry

We do all the necessary work to get a healthy mouth and x smile. We dominate all the therapeutic techniques. You will have in one place all the treatments that your mouth needs. You will not have to move at the clinic, your oral health will be directed at all times by the same Doctors, there will no third parties in the treatment. We believe in a comprehensive and integrated dentistry in the same clinic.

“A healthy mouth is your best letter of presentation and contributes to the welfare of your body by preventing other more serious diseases.”



We are your trusted dentist!